About Coderead
About Coderead

Welcome to Coderead. Where designers and developers work hand in hand to produce digital, marketing & brand servcies to a range of businesses.

The Coderead division was set up to create beautifully designed websites, timeless brands and marketing strategies for businesses who want to stand out.

The team, which is based in the North East, comprises of high-end designers and web specialists all working towards the same goal. Believe it or not, we have been around for some time, we've just never had the opportunity to show you this area of our business before but it's great that you are here now!


Website Design
System Development
Third Party Integration
Sortware Creation
Bug Fixes & Testing
Hosting & Infrastructure


Search Engine Optimisation
Pay Per Click Marketing
Social Advertising
Social Media Management
Digital Campaigns
Digital Strategy


Identity & Logomarks
Brand Guidelines
Print Management
Digital Output Media

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